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American Dark Fiber recognizes that economic development and digital literacy are fueled by connectivity to data centers. ADF’s fiber network is designed to bridge connectivity to world-class data centers where content and transactional activities of market leaders in entertainment, technology, healthcare, etc.

ADF’s management has been developing telecommunication networks for over 30-years. We understand the regulatory and permitting requirements needed to construct cost-effective, high bandwidth networks. ADF builds the digital bridges to connect communities to critical and local data access points.

ADF’s management team has developed nearly 3000 route miles of fiber in CA. We understand how to build networks that meet the needs of businesses, anchor institutions, carriers, and residential constituents. ADF gives you full control of the bandwidth pipe to create your network independence!

Telecom Infrastructure Solutions

Secure Mission Critical
Virtually Unlimited Bandwidth

Our mission at American Dark Fiber is to deliver high-speed, low-latency fiber with huge cost savings and superb customer service. Contact us for a FREE network design & cost estimate. Just provide us the addresses you want to connect, and we’ll show you new options to consider.

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