Why Dark Fiber

Self-Management = Massive Savings, Security, & Flexibility

Dark Fiber is ``unmetered`` and provides virtually unlimited bandwidth access to dedicated fiber-optic connections. ADF delivers the physical fiber-optic strands to your city, building, or data-center where you determine what speeds and applications fit your dynamic requirements. We provide an ``open`` pipe so you can scale your bandwidth whenever you need it. We remove carrier obstacles so that you can scale your bandwidth instantly with no additional costs!

Bandwidth Drives Property Values & Economic Development

Communities with high-speed access (i.e., 1Gb and higher) see a marked difference between educational, economic, and social opportunities as compared to locations on the ``other side`` of the digital divide. Dark fiber connected to needed supply nodes creates the opportunity. ADF builds bandwidth bridges to these points so your city, neighborhood, or business is on the cutting edge of the digital universe.

Anchor Institutions Need High-Speed & Secure Solutions

Hospitals, schools, libraries, and other civic anchors need high-speed access to deliver health-care, educational access, and other pertinent civic services in the digital-age. ADF provides ``closed`` network connections that create maximum security. We understand ROW access, regulatory issues, and how to maximize limited budget dollars for capital deployments.

We Understand How to Connect Critical Nodes

Often, entities find that while fiber may be available on one end of a circuit it may not be available on the other (by the same carrier). We solve that problem! Data-centers, cloud access points (i.e., AWS, Google, Microsoft), and other content development nodes are critical in creating low cost access to high-speed services. ADF builds and partners with virtually all carriers of significance so that seamless solutions can be ``bridged`` quickly and cost effectively using scalable dark fiber.

The Telecom Roadmap to True ``Convergence``

By interconnecting customer nodes to data-centers, carrier POP's, and content development nodes, ADF uses the highest quality single-mode fiber to create the lowest cost path for high-bandwidth requirements. Using this transport media, the ability to aggregate capacity from other transport methods such as wireless/Rf, copper, or multi-mode fiber is maximized. ``Dark Fiber`` allows true convergence to occur as there is no better way to scale bandwidth, stack applications, or aggregate capacity in a timely and cost-effective manner when and where you need it!

Liberate Your Network – Unleash the Raw Power of Dark Fiber!